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  • 2017 Unemployment hits 16 year low

    June 22, 2017|By Admin|With 9 comments

    In the 1st quarter of 2017 the United States unemployment rate hit the lowest level it has been at since 2001according to the United States Department of Labor.  Local labor markets across the country are reflecting this and most employers are discovering it more and more difficult to attract qualified canidates for open positions.  This equates to an ever tighter market for both skilled and unskilled tallent among employers and what is for many the most competitive hiring environment in most job seekers living memory.
  • Social media gains importance to job seekers and employers

    March 10, 2015|By Admin|With 4 comments

    Social media is rapidly gaining traction as both a recruiting tool used by recruiters and personal marketing/branding mechanisim for potential job seekers.  LinkedIn, the defacto go to for current job seekers has gained enormous importance as a virtual resume site viewed by almost every recruiter in todays market but other sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also starting to be mined by recruiters and looked at by potential employers as well.  For this reason, it is increasingly important for job seekers to filter what they put up on Social Media and make available for public view.
  • Use of recruiting and staffing partners on the rise

    August 4, 2014|By Admin|With 11 comments

    With the US economy expanding and critical skill sets becoming increasingly difficult to find employers are turning to recruiting and staffing companies in ever increasing numbers.  The US economy has been expanding since 2010 and at the same time many baby boomers are starting to transition into retirement.  This has created skill set shortages at the top of organizations as key players leave.  Additionally, there are more and more openings at the lower levels of companies as increasing prosperity creates the need for workers to complete the day to day tasks of business. This need for workers at all ends of the spectreum and a tight labor market has resulted in increasing reliance on vendors. Recruiting and staffing companies are now growing revenues and business at a faster pace than the economny as a whole according the American Staffing Association.
  • Manufacturing employment up across US

    May 15, 2014|By Admin|With 12 comments

    2014 saw 6 times as many manufacturing jobs return to America as 2010.  Growth across the sector has shown consistent growth as employers have discovered the China experiment has came at increasing costs as well as liabilities for intellectual property loss and competitive advantage.  This has driven the sector to return many overseas jobs to the United States.  An increasing demand for skilled trades such as machinists, and technicians has resulted as well as robust growth of payrolls for assembly and laborers.  Additionally, professional roles such as manufacturing, quality, electrical, mechanical engineers and operations, accounting, management and back office positions supporting manufacturing operations are seeing robust growth across industry.



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