A Dynamic Recruiting LLC Company

  • Efficient

    Time is of the essence when it comes to hiring needs. Dynamic Recruiting will locate the talent your company needs quickly. Whether your needs are for a single highly skilled team member, or an entire shift of workers you can rest assured your jobs will be filled fast.

  • Creative

    The best employees are not looking for work, they do not have their resume posted on job boards, and they are usually busy succeeding in their current role. As such they require a novel approach to locate, qualify, and open their mind to new career opportunities.

  • Effective

    Results are what count. Dynamic Recruiting makes those results happen not only by guarenteeing a placement's success, but also by delivery on candidate pipeline goals, flow of qualified applicants, and meeting of client hiring objectives as well.

  • Targeted

    Dynamic Recruiting candidates are not average employees, they are the best of the best. Each individual meeting this definition must be identified, targeted, contacted, and vetted against stringent requirements. Each step is orchestrated with the greatest of skill and professionalism.



Welcome to a new approach to recruiting. A refreshing new look at the age old problem of how to attract above average employees.  Not those which are "good enough" but rather, the best in their respective fields. This candidate pool is not average, and average approaches will not work to attract them. This fundamental fact lays at the heart of every action the staff at Dynamic Recruiting takes and every hour worked.

News & events

  • Dynamic Recruiting launches, fundamentally changing the way agency recruiting and internal talent acquisition work together.

  • A concept is born. Drawing on the experiences and often letdowns that internal HR suffers when using outside agencies, the premise behind CHAMPIONhires is hatched. Recruiting will never be the same.